TV and film revolutionaries. Claire Matthews (left) and Nikita Rae (right) say their start-up business will change the face of film and TV production.

TV and film revolutionaries. Claire Matthews (left) and Nikita Rae (right) say their start-up business will change the face of film and TV production.


All quiet on set’ as one new start-up business promises to change the face of how those in the film and TV industry find jobs, and how production managers and supervisors staff projects, through a new online platform that provides real-time access to the diaries of its users.


From construction, costume and production staff through to hairdressers, camera operatives and even supporting artistes,


Crew Availability is a private online service that can only be accessed and viewed by verified subscribers. Production managers and supervisors looking for crew can search other peoples’ availability by job role or name, whilst crew simply share their availability link with whomever they choose.


Created by Claire Matthews and Nikita Rae, both professional makeup artists who have worked in TV and film for over 20 years, Crew Availability aims to make the process of booking individuals in the industry more efficient and less resource intensive.


Crew Availability’s Co-founder, Claire, says: “The TV and film industry is a rapidly moving sector, in which an entire crew of people could suddenly be required for the next day’s filming. Rather than production managers and supervisors spending hours calling their contacts in order to try and book people, they can simply go online and check the calendars of those who fit the required job role. Those who work in the film industry can now use the calendar to show their availability in a less intrusive way. Crew Availability is immediate, saves everyone time and money and removes the uncertainty related to hiring someone or finding work.”


Although a UK-based company, Crew Availability has been developed as a worldwide service to help production teams source local crew when filming abroad.


Amanda Knight, one of the UK’s top makeup designers whose credits include all of the Harry Potter films and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, adds: “Crew Availability is new and innovative, bringing the process of booking freelance personnel into the online era and saving time and money for production teams. It also helps crew achieve a better work-life balance. It’s a win-win for everyone and will no doubt dramatically change the industry.”


Crew Availability is free to all production managers and supervisors looking for crew. For crew the service costs £19.99 per month for unlimited use and as part of the launch, Crew Availability is free to crew for the first six months of use.


To join Crew Availability visit